Author: Nickolas Roubekas

PD Dr. Nickolas P. Roubekas is Universitätsassistent at the Department of Religious Studies, University of Vienna. He is the spokesperson of the RaT cluster Transformation of Social Scientific Theories of Religion: Past, Present, Future and editor-in-chief of NUMEN: International Review for the History of Religions. His most recent publication is The Study of Greek and Roman Religions: Insularity and Assimilation (Bloomsbury, 2022).

A New RaT Research Cluster, an Old Question, and an Ongoing Academic Endeavor: Theories of Religions in Past, Present, and Future

How can religion be understood as a social phenomenon? What human needs does it arise from and what is its role in a society? All these questions and many more form the core of religious studies. On the occasion of the launch of a new RaT Research Cluster, Nickolas Roubekas provides an overview of historical developments and current guiding questions.